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Consistency is the mother of progress…

On the Journey of growth

A lot of businesses and Organizations are experiencing dwindling engagements and impressions on their social media accounts due to the same reasons… INCONSISTENCY and the lack of HIGH QUALITY CONTENT. We don’t need a Harvard degree to figure out that the sure fire way to grow organically on Instagram is by posting high quality content and posting them regularly too.

We get it, it’s quite hard to squeeze time to create content for Instagram out of your already busy schedule, and even if you decide to focus on running the business and leave content creation to a dedicated seasoned professional social media manager, this could cost you about 100,000 to 200,000 Naira every month to retain their services and get things done effectively. Another alternative would be to hire freelance designers to design content for you regularly which would cost you about 3-6k per design on average.

Isn’t this is a Problem and a Stumbling Block in the way of Progress?

Yeah, But Chill We’ve Created a Solution

We have come up with a simpler and much much cheaper alternative. That would help you power up your social media reach and engagements and save you thousands of naira. Are you ready to take advantage of this offer now?

Here's how this works


You get to pick a subscription plan that suits your needs from three pocket friendly monthly plans offered in the bottom area of this page, and join our network. Once you get on the progress train you can rest assured that you are covered.


Now we’ll get to work on creating and designing content for your social media pages for as long as your subscription lasts. You don’t have to give us access to your social media handles, we can deliver the content to you via mail or any preferred messenger service. However, if you would like us to help you post directly to your page, we will suggest an end-to-end encrypted service for you to send us your login details which will be stored securely and we’ll help you post at Zero extra cost to you.


Now we have quality content to post on your page, we’ll pick the right caption for your audience and relevant hashtags to increase visibility to new followers. So now we post and keep a close eye on the metrics so as to know what kind of content appeals better to your target demographic and produce more of that, we do this by simply monitoring your post performance to figure out what works and develop on it.

See how we take the work off your shoulders?

We have been doing this for years at a much higher price and maintain a healthy database of clients we love, and SHHHH… some of them might be upset if they find out how much we are giving away the very same offer, so let’s keep this between us. 😉

So now that you see and understand how awesome and profitable this is for you, let’s make space for you to join the family 



10,000 /Month

1 Post Weekly
Custom Designs
E-mail/chat Support
Suggested Captions/ Hashtags
Use Brand Logos/ Colours


20,000 /Month

3 Posts Weekly
Custom Designs
E-mail/chat Support
Suggested Captions/ Hashtags
Use Brand Logos/ Colours
1 Promo Flyer Monthly (optional)

Gold Enterprise

40,000 /Month

7 Posts Weekly (1 everyday)
Unique Custom Designs
E-mail/chat Support
Suggested Captions/ Hashtags
Use Brand Logos/ Colours
3 Promo Flyers Monthly (optional)

So You're Probably Wondering...

Why are these guys so nice, what’s the CATCH?… Well sorry to disappoint you, there is absolutely no catch whatsoever. We say what we do and we do what we say.

It has been proven time and again that Consistency is the Mother of Progress and we simply want her to have more kids. 😀

Haven’t Subscribed Yet?

We Build Awesome Websites Too


Let's turn your dreams into reality by harnessing the immense power of the web and SEO to maximize your business potential. No matter what stage your business is at. start-up, small, medium, well established, we have flexible pricing options that are sure to fit within your particular budget. Whatever your industry sector, we will work in partnership with your business to build a website that will help deliver the right services that suits your goals.

Some Brands That Trust Our Efficiency


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Our Subscribers Are Bragging About Us?

Client Photo
INCREDIBLE ZIGI Dancer/ Choreographer

“Nifty Web Studios built me a professional website in under 2 weeks and also helped set up my wikipedia and google knowledge panel, now when fans google me they get to see verified information first, just the way I want it. Their service and customer relationship is simply amazing and I still work with them for content on my social media till this day”

Client Photo
Peter Orburh CEO Orokebus Modeling Agency

“This service is nothing but a genius solution, I have been so relaxed knowing that someone is creating content for me and all i have to do is post. I never lack content ever since i signed up and there's no going back”

Client Photo
Joseph Bassey Tech Advisor World Faith Schools

“All I can say is that ever since nifty studios started handling content curation for our social media and advertising we have seen amazing results like never before, keep up the good work”

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